Chef Jon Sears  (full bio)
 has over 25 years of culinary and hospitality development.
His experience includes:
Chef/Owner, The Dining Room Restaurant  ( view here )
Epicurean Events, Culinary Instructor-Draeger's Cooking School, Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant. He has been hired for menu concept design, kitchen and service staff recruitment, drafting  training manuals and as a dining room ambience advisor.
Chef Sears Team
is comprised of highly creative and technically skilled individuals that bring a lot to the table. We help you target your revenue and profit goals.
We Support and Assist You. 
Together we address some of the most challenging aspects of your business. This includes refining or expanding concepts to take advantage of an ever changing market place.
Presenting Options and Solutions. 
We love exploring creative ways to achieve your vision.
Ambient lighting, sound design, visual art multimedia, web design, social media, mobile POS devices, or internal program solutions.
Jon Sears
culinary advisor, teacher
Shannon Sweeney
chef, hospitality director
Shingo Kohara
chef, restaurateur
Bronson Macomber
chef, events director
Charity Burnett
graphic designer
Peter Abela
Aiman Nader
technical advisor
Ed Nieto
service director